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Supreeta Singh

Supreeta Singh is a self made communication entrepreneur who runs her own media agency called Supreeta Singh PR Consultancy for more than two years. In this brief period, she has successfully worked with more than one hundred organizations and entities in the fields of hospitality, fashion, art and culture, entertainment, business and education.

Supreeta began her career as a journalist having worked with Drik India and Bangladesh, The Times of India and The Bengal Post.  Following that, she became a hotelier and held the position of PR Head in renowned hotels like Swissotel, The Astor and The Park Hotel, Kolkata. Her motto in life is to create success stories for each person and organization she works with.  Supreeta aspires to be a writer and her first book called Grace has been published by Partridge Publication.

Supreeta Singh writes heart warming tales that resonate with the readers today. Her writing style is lucid and her narrative flows seamlessly. Her writing has an emotional flair and reflects her belief that life does not always have all the answers but all the experiences.

She has been featured in India Today as the leading party planner in the city and has been featured as a panellist in t2, The Telegraph. Pot Pourri Magazine featured her as a woman of words. She has also won the award of Woman with a Voice by KolEvents and Hope Foundation on International Women’s Day 2018. A one woman army, Supreeta believes nothing is impossible as long as you have humility, courage and determination to pursue your dreams and in the process become a better human being. She loves to travel, when she is not working.

Currently, she is working on her second book, “Bani”.